Image of Blutumhang (NOR) - The Fires of Domination LP

Blutumhang (NOR) - The Fires of Domination LP

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Black Metal

Ferocious and Melodic Black Metal from Norway.

Six uncompromising tracks that will blow you away.

Exclusively released on limited LP.

Kaldeskard is a new label distributed by ASRAR exclusively.

180g 12'' LP, 3,5mm spine, 350g cardboard jacket with thick carton insert

"Blutumhang’s mysterious and enigmatic debut demo is a barrage of folkloric undercurrent melody which drifts below a pounding raw visceral storm of black metal insanity. Melodic interludes and eerie found sound/spoken passages punctuate and mediate the experience crafting a fully immersive experience. However, as the euphonic tones seeps through and permeate the whole demo, it is the ferocious raw black metal that truly shines through on this tape. Driven by an indescribably force, there is an almost palpable urgency to these tracks.

This demo must be heard. This demo is a brilliant introduction to a new Norwegian entity, crafting novel lo-fi black metal that is steeped in tradition. Ignore at your own peril. "


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