Dakhanavar - Liminal Dimensions of Arterial Lust CS

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  • Dakhanavar - Liminal Dimensions of Arterial Lust CS

The name Dakhanavar refers to a vampire originating from Armenian folklore. Comprised of, the immensely talented and prolific, Astral Serpent and the relatively unknown Xaghrav. Opening with a bit of grave ecclesiastic music, which is pointedly interrupted by some of the most sonically searing and brilliant black metal of Astral Serpent’s recent work. The vocals, buried beneath a blizzard of feedback, distortion and lament fueled melody, seem to find their stead between a streak and a croak, placing them firmly in the perfect otherworldly black metal tradition. The rhythm section is heavy on this one and it is certain suits the album well. Bass is an oft disregarded instrument in black metal, but provided a beautiful melodic backbone for these tracks and allows the guitar work to layer more intricate accents in a way that ebbs and swells into emotionally fraught crescendos that bring heft to an already weighty piece of modern black metal.

As an introduction to this new entity intrigue is certainly high and with repeated listens the appeal and complexity further unfold revealing untold depths.


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