FLAMING OUROBOROS - Uphold the Majesty LP

$22.00 USD - $25.00 USD
  • FLAMING OUROBOROS - Uphold the Majesty LP

With melodies both melancholy and triumphant, this initial offering from USBM entity Flaming Ouroboros has been incredibly illusive on cassette and is now finally available on wax format. Undeniably black metal, creating something truly exceptional and worthy of the early praise it has received.

Similarly to how Blinding Sun has recently innovated within the genre, while staying true to the intent and spirit that makes black metal so poignant, Flaming Ouroboros, has taken the genre constructs and created something that both beautifully upholds the tenants of elite black metal, while exploring the incorporation of novel elements that serve to expand the bounds of the classification. This is a vivid, raw, and remarkable genesis for this new entity. Do not miss.


Pressed on 180 gram vinyl Gold Limited to 58 Yellow Limited to 42 Black Limited to 200