Geheimnisvoll/КАБАН - split CS

$9.00 USD
  • Geheimnisvoll/КАБАН - split CS

A co-release with Horrible Room, this split sees the triumphant return of the great Geheimnisvoll and the introduction of a new Horrible Room linked entity КАБАН. For those familiar with the oeuvre of Geheimnisvoll, you will be pleased as these four tracks picking up where the Borda’s Rope split left off. Eschewing the intro for this release, the first track tosses the listener right into the swell of ferocity. While encased in slightly less noise, the flurry of devastating and emotionally wrought riffs remain and stand even stronger as the volatile wailing vocals pierce through in gut wrenching form. Pride, pain, and anguish feature prominently on these punishing tracks of cataclysmic black metal.

Horrible Room certainly has established themselves as the purveyors of some of the most well articulated, interesting, and intriguing punk infused black metal in the game. This side certainly fits well in their catalog, while taking two decidedly different approaches. The pace of the first and third songs is more plodding and strained in a way that pulls and plies the listener in uncomfortable and unsettling ways. The alternating tracks bring more of what listeners would have come to expect from Horrible Room’s artists, punkish beats, raw production, no holds barred blistering black metal. The vocals spew forth with a vile froth, the music is simple and brutish in an untethered attack on the senses.

Both sides hold nothing back. This is a split not to be slept on.


US edition of 150