Sverdsveit - Blizzard of Hate LP

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  • Sverdsveit - Blizzard of Hate LP


Sverdsveit is the wintery warrior spirits revived, united against the eternal enemy, primed to gather axes and arrows, to sever the heads of religiously principled. In a time when apostasy should rise again, the coasts of Straumfjörðr recalls stories of buried epic battles. Alpine heritage will sharpen the blazing edges of steel and the weapons made out of white whale bones. Having a common enemy, that exists to annihilate the voice of the heretic past...

Side project of Finian Patraic (Ifernach, Oldfir, etc..)

180gr LP, 3.5mm spine printed on 350gsm cardstock jacket

Includes a professionally printed, double-sided 12x12" INSERT printed on uncoated cardstock