Image of Vevstol – Fiendtlighet CS

Vevstol – Fiendtlighet CS

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Vevstol returns with their second demo in 2021. Like its predecessor, this is another visceral, piece of stomping, malevolent, raw black metal. Ildjarn influence is definitely strong with this one, however, not at the expense of originality and urgency of delivery. Like the wolf gnashing it’s teeth that serves as the entities personification, Vevstol’s music is feral, violent, relentless, and embattled. From the rash approach to guitar and bass delivery to the madcap stomp of the drums to the strident rasping growl of the vocals, Vevstol is unwavering in it’s approach to the calculated bombardment that is Fiendtlighet. Definitively Nordic in approach, spiteful in intent, blistering in execution, Hail Vevstol!


released digitally August 14, 2021

Edition of 100 on black cassettes

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